Nature Route

Meriç and Tunca Rivers

Meriç and Tunca Rivers are the two most important rivers of Edirne known as “water city”. Around these rivers are recreation areas and recreational facilities. The Meriç River is born in Bulgaria and enters the country from Edirne borders and forms part of our border with Greece. The promenade sites in Karaağaç, which is reached by passing the Meriç Bridge on the river, are integrated with the river.

Erikli Beach

Erikli Beach, 2.5 km from Erikli Village, a village connected to the Keşan district, is a blue-flagged beach in Saros Gulf. Erikli Beach is located on the Aegean Sea coastline in Thrace. The waters off the industrial area are pretty clean.

Enez Beach

Enez Beach is one of the first beaches that come to mind in Edirne. The water currents present here are quite clean, due to the fact that there is not a big settlement and industrialists.


Mecidiye – Uzunkum, located in Mecidiye Village, which is connected to Keşan district, is a beach suitable for swimming. Mecidiye beaches that protect nature because of lack of settlements in the coastal area are the areas where sea tourism is the most comfortable place to live in the region. In addition to these beaches surrounded by masques, It is also extremely convenient for angling and diving.

Gala Lake National Park

Gala Lake National Park; It is one of the most important wetlands of Turkey. It consists of a total area of 6,090 hectares, including 3,090 hectares of wetlands and 3,000 hectares of forests. Gala Lake National Park, which has many contributions to nature; There are 163 species of birds, of which 46 species are indigenous, 27 are winter migrants and 90 are summer migratory birds. The best times to see all of the birds here are April, May and September in the spring. Activities in our national park, one of the biodiversity areas in Turkey; Rare ecosystems, biodiversity, excursions, geological and geomorphological occurrences, picnics, cultural riches and archaeological remains, education, photography.

Danişment Natural Park

Edirne is 25 km away from Keşan and 40 km from Enez. The seaside park was built in 1988 as a recreational area for the public. The 1311 hectare area of the park is 10115 hectares of which is a camp site and 3075 hectares is a daily use area. 72 tent units and 90 auto camping units with a total of 162 units, the park has a capacity of 810 people per day. The daily use area has a capacity of 260 people and can serve 1072 people in total.

Gökçetepe Nature Park

Gökçetepe is a village connected to Edirne’s Keşan district. Gökçetepe Nature Park represents the village. In addition, Gökçetepe Nature Park has a place called ‘lost heaven’ or ‘hidden paradise’. A poet inspired by the poetry of many poets. It is very suitable for sea tourism.

Mecidiye - İbrice Harbor

The İbrice harbor has a very old history. Ship loads coming to İbrice Port from İzmir to Gökçeada were being evacuated. In the past, although the units such as the customs building, hamam, trade store have been found in the past, these buildings are seen as remnants. One of the most striking features of the Hebrew Harbor is that it is very convenient for diving. For both beginners and professional diveers, the Port of God is quite ideal. Because it is shallow, warm and unsteady, the Hebrew Harbor is a place where the dalışlanma clubs are extremely busy.

Koru Mountains

The Koru Mountains are located on the northern border of the Gallipoli Peninsula. The Koru Mountains, which descend to the Ergene Basin, are one of the three most important ascents of Thrace. It has the wildlife and the most important geography in Trakya after the Yıldız Mountains. Living creatures in Mount Koru; Roe deer, wolf, fox, wild boar, rabbit and partridge, pheasant. The forest structure includes corn, black pine and oak communities.

Söğütlük City Forest

Izzet Arseven, known as Söğütlük City Forest, is one of the most important recreation areas of Edirne. Edirne Municipality belongs to the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and covers an area of 250 acres. Söğütlük City Forest located at Karaağaç Lausanne Street has high trees. Around; Restaurants, casinos, children’s parks, sports and recreation areas, and tea gardens. Situated on the banks of the Meriç River, Söğütlük adds a distinct atmosphere to the city forest.

Sarayiçi Chicken Forest

Sarayiçi Chicken Forest, which has a forest area of 58 hectares, is one of the important recreation areas of Edirne. According to a custom, this name was called Chicken Forest because it was a place where thousands of chickens were raised in ancient times. Sarayiçi Chicken Forest has many medicinal plants. Sultan IV, known as Avcı Mehmet. The hunting lodge built by Mehmet in 1671 is located in this forest. This forest, which is very convenient for cycling in the summer months, is popular in summer months.

Enez Lake of Dalyan

Enez Lake of Dalyan is located to the south of Enez district of Edirne. Covering an area of approximately 3-4 km2, Lake Enez Dalyan varies in summer and winter depending on the amount of water carried by the pond streams. Water of Enez Dalyan Lake is salty and sodium and not used. It is possible to see many migratory birds in the vicinity with naked eyes, as there is no natural vegetation cover around the sandy lake.

Erikli Salt Lake

Erikli Salt Lake is located behind Erikli Beach. Erikli Salt Lake, which is a very big salt lake, is a place of weddings for many birds. Behind the most beautiful beach of Saros Gulf, which is characterized by being one of the three self-cleaning gulfs in the world, Erikli Salt Lake has unique natural beauty with its nature being a salt-ponded nature.

İpsala Koyun Tepe

İpsala Koyun Tepe is located 140 km from Edirne city center and 26 km from İpsala town center. Three sides of the village of Koyuntepe, which is laid on a flat surface, is surrounded by water and oval. Koyuntepe Village, which has a history of 120 years, is confronted with Oratepe, Hisar Dagi with its former name. A part of the hill which has a historical feature was declared as a protected area in 1999 and protected.

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