Nature Route

Dupnisa Cave

Dupnisa Cave is located 6 km south of Sarpdere Village, about 50 km north-east of Kırklareli. The Dupnisa Cave, located on the skirts of Mount Mahya, the highest mountain of 1031 meters above the Istrian Mountains, has a history of 180 million. Dupnisa Cave has two floors and consists of three caverns: Dry Cave, Girl Cave and Sulu Cave. Its total length is 2720 meters and it is one of the longest caves in Turkey. The underground river is one of the impressive features of the Dupnisa Cave. He is also interested with his stalactites and stalagmites.


İğneada; It is located in the Demirköy district of Kırklareli. It has an uninterrupted, wide beach of 20 kilometers long to start from the westernmost point of the Black Sea. The seven protected shores are summed up with respect to rich forests, unique landscapes and delicious fish. In terms of features that this holiday town in Thrace has; Nature photographers, camping and various nature activities. Thanks to the various lakes it contains; Carp, red beetle, sea bass and mullet.


Limanköy is connected to Kirklareli’s İğneada area. It has a very impressive nature. Having a history of 150 years, Limanköy has an interesting story of foundation. According to this story; A community that migrated from Romania 150 years ago is here. Here, too, there is only one person who is interested in the flare. This man persuaded this community here who migrated from Romania because of being alone here, and together they founded Limanköy. Iğneada Longoz Forests, one of the 3 longoz forests in the world, are very close here.

Longoz Forests National Park

Longoz Forests National Park; It is located in Kıyıköy district of Kırklareli, İğneada area. In 2007, it reached the status of “national park”. Longoz Forests, which cover an area of 3155 hectares, are also known as Subasar Forests. Longoz Forests have a unique ecosystem; Turkey is the largest and Europe is the second largest longevity forest ecosystem. There are only three examples in the world. Soils are very rich in terms of organic matter. Especially in autumn, water birds and storks are used as a transit area. It also houses 184 species of birds. Nature photography and nature are very convenient in terms of tourism.


Demirkoy; It is a town of Kırklareli and is located in the mountains of Yıldız Mountains, 400 meters high. Demirköy, situated among the Istranca Forests, draws attention to its natural beauty. With its unique landscape, nature photographers are frequented every season. Fatih Dökümhane, which was built during the Ottoman period and used for the conquest of Istanbul, is located here. He also hosted the Thracian Tribes in ancient times. Mountain truffles, trout and jungle bean are also famous and delicious products to visit.


It is located at a distance of 40 kilometers from the Visay district of Kırklareli. Kıyıköy located on the Black Sea coast of Trakya; It is a charming holiday village with its preserved nature, unique view and delicious fishes. It was founded by the Lydians in 500 BC. Throughout history, Thracians have hosted civilizations such as Persians, Scythians, Medlar and Genoese. The people living in Kıyıköy, which is like a peninsula between Pabuçdere and Kazandere and is located on a high hill, provide its subsistence from fishing, agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry. A gateway to the Byzantines is provided for the entrance to the city. There are rocks and caves formed by sea waves along the coast.

Beğendik Village

Begendik Village is located in Demirköy district of Kırklareli. Located in the westernmost part of Turkey, on the border with Bulgaria, this village has a very clean and almost uncontaminated sea. It is a rare sea that can be left undisturbed and uncontaminated today. As a result of the sea being clean, we can show that this village is not known much. It is not possible to make long vacations in this village that does not have accommodation facilities but it will purify your soul even a day.

Hamdi Bey Village

Hamdi Bey Village is a village connected to Demirköy district of Kırklareli. Hamdi Bey Village located in Demirköy which is located between Istoranca Forests attracts attention with its natural beauties. With its unique landscape, nature photographers are frequented every season.

Kofçaz Paragliding

The area in the Elmacık Village of the Kofcaz district is provided with suitable land structure for parachute sports. The project was designed to be a paragliding center of the Kofçaz district and to improve the tourism and economy of the region. Every year national and international competitions are aimed.

Istrancalar (Yıldız Mountains)

The Istranca Mountains are located within the boundaries of Kırklareli.It is an important nature protection area thanks to its biodiversity.Strands are the subject of many nature researches with its covered vegetation and nature structure and it is in the interest of those who deal with science. The water resources that feed the Ergene River are located in this region and are very rich in terms of water resources. Thanks to its unique nature it is well suited for nature walks, cycling, camping and nature photography. Mahya Tepe, which is the highest point of Trakya, is located in this region.

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