Faith Route

Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Complex

The Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Complex is located in the Lüleburgaz district of Kırklareli. In 1569 Sokullu Mehmet Pasha built the architect of the period, the architect Sinan and his team, the Hassa Architects. Kulliye; It consists of a mosque, a medrese, a caravanserai, a tabhane, an imaret, an arasta, a prayer dome, a jugular, a bazaar, a double bath, a bridge, a fountain, waterways and a cistern. Only these mosques, madrasahs, arastas and hammams were able to come from these constructions as much as the sun. The Külliye has an original plan which is an example of the complexes built after him. The most important structure of this mosque is Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque. The mosque, which has a square plan, has a simple exterior architecture and has bigger domes than the others. It has a classic look minaret. Because it is one of the most important mosques of Lüleburgaz, the building is constantly open for worship throughout the day.

Hızırbey Complex and Hızırbey Mosque

The Hızırbey Complex is located in the Kırklareli Center. Hızırbey Complex; Hızırbey Mosque consists of double bath, arasta and fountain. Arasta and the bath were built together. Hızırbey Mosque, also known as Great Mosque, was built in 1383 by Köse Mihalzade Hızır Bey, the governor of Rumeli Beylerbeyi, Vidin and Baghdat. The mosque has a square plan and the outer surface is the top cover. It has a single minaret that is made of cut stone. There is an adjoining courtyard and the last congregation site. Today, prayer is open.

Cedit Ali Pasha Mosque

Cedit Ali Pasha Mosque is located in Babaeski district of Kırklareli. In 1555 he was built by Mimar Sinan by Cedit Ali Pasha. The mosque, which has undergone extensive repairs in 1832, continues to be used today. The mosque, built using cutting stone, has a square plan. It is covered with a large dome covered with lead. There are two end communities that have been added to each other. It has a minaret with a single honor. There is a construction book and a repair book. Cedit Ali Pasha Mosque is a small model of the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne.

Little Hagia Sophia Church (Gazi Süleyman Pasha Mosque)

Little Hagia Sophia Church, also known as Gazi Süleyman Pasha Mosque; It is located in the Kale neighborhood of the Visay district of Kırklareli. The church, located between the inner and outer walls, was built in the 6th century during the period of the Jewish period. It was started to be used in the 14th century and it is being used today. The church, which has a rectangular plan close to the square, has a dome built on a sixteen square. Despite being converted into a flare, the building is dominated by church air and has undergone various changes over time. Finally, it was restored in 2007 by the General Directorate of Foundations.

Aya Nikola Monastery

The Aya Nikola Monastery is located in Kıyıköy Town, which is connected to the Vize District of Kirklareli. The monastery, on the southern slope of Papuçdere road, is 700 meters away from Kıyıköy. It is one of the most beautiful examples of rock monasteries belonging to 6-9th century. At the top of the Monastery of Aya Nico there are chapters belonging to the monks, a lower part of the monastery and a church on the ground floor. From the north side, with the help of the stairs, it descends to the part of the pond. In addition, the monastery has the cells obtained by carving rocks.

Cave Monastery

Asma Kaya Cave Monastery, known as the Cave Monastery, is located in the Vize province of Kırklareli Province. It is located at Asma Kaya located 1650 meters north east of the town center. Asma Kaya; It is a rocky formation valley, in which there are carvings built both by natural and by people. One of these carved places is the Cave Monastery. The Cave Monastery is thought to have been ruled during the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Periods.

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