Flavor Route


Grape leaf, mustard seeds and grapes prepared using a regional drink specific to Thrace. It is aimed to become a national drink by taking the advantage of this drink that you may come across in Edirne. It has power transmitter, appetizer, anti-fever, blood pressure balancer, circulatory and immune system regulatory effects. Therefore, it is consumed as a vitamin deposit. The Hardaliye is carefully selected to have a dark color, and the grape must be crushed to break the crust, then the mustard seeds and the vine covered with grapevine are placed to crumble to prevent it from turning into wine and nuts. When it comes to thickening, it is also made ready to drink by soaking.



Mediterranean, Aegean Sea, Marmara Sea and Black Sea in 20 to 70 meters depth is living in a variety of fish. It is fed with small fishes, small marine animals and crabs living in the sea bottom. It is widely consumed in Kıyıköy settlement located on the Black Sea coast of Trakya. Kıyıköy; It is a town famous for Kalkan and there are people coming from the surrounding area to eat the fish. The Kalkan is usually cooked in a pan and the buttons at the skin should be removed before eating. It is a type of fish preferred by most people because it does not have a very fatty flesh.


Kırklareli Cheese

Kırklareli Cheese; Kırklareli-specific, milk-giving animals raised here are produced using milk. Cheese is also famous in Kırklareli such as Edirne and Tekirdağ, which are other icons of Trakya. Since both livestock and cattle breeding are performed in the region, many kinds of cheese can be produced and natural yeasts are used.


Demirköy Honey

Demirköy Honey is produced by Trakya Arısı, a special breed. Tracey Arisia has recently been protected in order to preserve its pure breed. Demirköy Honey; Is produced by these bears in Istrian forests in Kırklareli. This honey has a sharp aroma and a dark color. Demirköy Honey, which differs from tastes and colors with other flowers, has become a brand of Kırklareli. Many diseases are very popular because of their healing.


Poyralı Molasses

Poyralı Pekmezi is a kind of beet molasses peculiar to Kırklareli. Grape molasses is common in Edirne and Tekirdağ, which are other icons of Thrace. Beetroot molasses spreads in Kırklareli. Kırklareli has a very good clay and soil structure for sugar beet production. Beetroot molasses made by traditional methods in Poyralı Village is well known throughout the country. Poyralı Molasses, which is produced in Poyralı Village, which is connected to the Pinarhisar district of Kırklareli province, has a darker consistency and a sharper aroma than the other molasses.


Pumpkin Sweet in Lime

In the famous pumpkin sweet made in many places of Anatolia, a lime prepared with a lime is added to make the lime and the outer part of the pumpkins clutter. In this way, a crunchy, gentle pumpkin dessert is obtained. The pumpkin dessert with limestone, which has a fairly light weight, is starting to be consumed very much by the opening of pumpkin season at the end of October.


Kırklareli Meatball

Kırklareli Meatball is located in the first place among local dishes of the province. Edirne and Tekirdağ, which are the other paintings of Trakya, are famous for their roots and the taste of all of them is very bad. The meat of the animals raised in the Istranlar, located in Kırklareli, is used in the construction of this meatball. It is owed to the taste of the meatballs prepared with the meat of the animals raised with natural foods in the natural environment. Meatballs cooked on the grill; Served on a separate plate with tomato sauce and pepper sauce and preferably yoghurt.


Oğlak Çevirme (Goat Turn)

It is unique to Kırklareli and is unique to April-May. Famous goat turners are serving only in the months of April and May, the season of the kid. Capricorn; The front legs and hind legs of the cut boy are tied together and put in large salt, and they are prepared by passing through a tree and cooking for about three hours in tandır. Instead of plates on greasy paper; Served with bowl of yoghurt, fresh garlic and onions.


Thrace Curly Sheep

The “Curly Sheep Breeder Gene Source” applied by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in Trakya and the “Kirklareli Curly Sheep Breed of the People in the Folk” projects have meat products with meat quality and taste which are preserved in purity and meat products preferred in meat dishes.


Mandate Yoghurt

Mandate Yoghurt is quite famous in Kıyıköy settlement of Kirklareli. It is a kind of yoghurt produced with milk obtained from mandarin yogurdu. The buffalo farming, which is very common in the old years, is only in the northeastern part of Trakya region in recent years. Mandate farming is generally carried out in the Saray district of Tekirdağ, Thrace, and in Kırklareli. By using the milk obtained from the mandalas cultivated here, the mandate yoğurdu and the mandate kaymak are produced. You can look here for the taste of the most natural state of kneading since mandate growing in Kıyıköy is done intensely.



Boza is a very well-produced and consumed winter drink in the province of Trakya region, especially in the province of Kırklareli. It is consumed as an effective preservative and energy donor on cold winter days. In Boza construction; Millet, sugar and water are used. There is a high amount of minerals and vitamins in its content. Nausea, which is in the category of high nutritional and healthy beverages; Iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium and vitamin A nutrients required by the body contains nutrients. Depending on the preference, chickpea, cinnamon or hazelnut may be used. Has become a brand with Kırklareli.


Kırklareli Cherry

Kırklareli Cherry became a symbol of Kirklareli over time, and the province recently started to be known as “Cherry Town”. Since 2013, festivals are being organized on behalf of each year and the most beautiful cherries are exhibited in “Karahıdır Kiraz Festivals” held every year and various competitions are held. Kırklareli Cherry which has become a brand over time is very popular with its taste.


Vineyard Products

Throughout history, Kırklareli has been known for its vineyards and beverages derived from its vineyard products. Trakya Region; Especially in the Tekirdağ and Kırklareli Worlds, which are favorable for viticulture. Kırklareli is one of the most important regions of Turkey for grape production and consequently for the production of beverage products. The grapes grown in Kırklareli are fermented to produce beverage products. These drinks, which have become a culture of Turkey, are exported to many countries in the world.



Strawberry grown in Kırklareli, has a special place in Trakya and has become a brand with quality. Kırklareli has the best strawberry growing area with low pH ratio and natural structure having the best structure for strawberry production. The Strawberry Festival, which has been held since 1982, introduces famous strawberries with strawberry planting and taste.


Seasonal Fish Variety

İğneada, which is located in Demirköy district of Kırklareli, is a very rich town in terms of fish variety of Kırklareli. Thanks to seven protected planes; Carp, red beetle, sea bass and mullet. İğneada, which has a fishermen’s harbor, can find the freshest fish of the season at very economic prices. In İğneada where delicious fish can be enjoyed every season; Grill and pan mullets, swallow do not return without tasting the mushroom and mussel pan.


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