Flavor Route

Tekirdağ Meatball

It is the most famous meatballs of Trakya region. The name of Tekirdağ Köftesi, which has become a brand, spread throughout Turkey. Quality meat is used in the making of meatball flavor owes. The meat selected with the meticulousness is transformed into meat, so that the meat is ready before use. Then bread, onion, garlic and pieces of meat are all passed through the mince machine. After the machine is repeated several times, the resulting mixture is left to rest just by adding cumin, salt and pepper. After the rest period is over, the ground beef is cooked in a wood fire with a thin short finger that is unique to the Tekirdağ Meatball. Piyaz is served with green sauce and grilled green pepper.


Cheese halva

Cheese Helva is a Tekirdağ dessert. Although it is known as Gelibolu dessert by some, it has become a trademark as Tekirdağ dessert. In Tekirdağ, the section that provides livelihood with livelihood; They are very skilled in making Cheese Helva because they produce their own cheeses themselves. In the construction of Cheese Helva; Unsalted fresh cheese, wheat flour (corn flour or semolina can be used as an alternative to wheat flour), powdered sugar and egg yolk. The cheese made with the milk obtained from the animals raised here is the most important material of cheese halva. The tricky point is that the cheese is not purified from the oil to be made so that the helvane is made with natural oil.



Boza is a very well-produced and consumed winter drink in the province of Trakya region, especially in the province of Kırklareli. It is consumed as an effective preservative and energy donor on cold winter days. In Boza construction; Millet, sugar and water are used. There is a high amount of minerals and vitamins in its content. Nausea, which is in the category of high nutritional and healthy beverages; Iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium and vitamin A nutrients required by the body contains nutrients. Depending on the preference, chickpea, cinnamon or hazelnut may be used. Has become a brand with Kırklareli. In addition, “Traditional Boza Festival” is organized every year in the town of Velimeşe of Çorlu, which is a county of Tekirdağ.


Hayrabolu Fresh

Hayrabolu Fresh is a sweet variety unique to the Hayrabolu district of Tekirdağ. It is also known as Hayrabol Freshwater by local people. Cheese, eggs and flour (preferably semolina) are used in the production. Due to its high calorie and abundant sugar content, it is not preferred by patients and elderly people. It is also likened to Kemalpaşa as a figure. But size and taste is not the same as Kemalpaşa freshwater. According to preference it is served with tahini, cream or hazelnut.



Buluma is a very popular breakfast product in the Thrace region. The varieties vary from light yellow to brown and are a solid molasses variety. As in the production of liquid molasses, grape is used as the main ingredient in slurry production. In Tekirdag where the bulb is consumed quite a lot; When the slurry is made, the syrup of the grape is removed first. Then, sweet must is obtained from this pot, and the water obtained by boiling the rootstock roots is added to this. This mixture is mixed in the furnace until solidification. When the desired consistency is reached, the service becomes ready.


Tekirdag Cheese

It is produced in Tekirdağ using milk of milk-giving animals grown here. Other products of Trakya, like Edirne and Kirklareli, are also famous in Tekirdağ. Many cheese varieties can be produced in the region, since both small and large cattle breeding are done. Tekirdağ Peyniri has become a trademark throughout the country.


Tekirdağ Cherry

Tekirdağ Cherry, has gradually become a symbol of Tekirdag. Festivals have been organized for almost 50 years and the most beautiful cherries are exhibited in the “Traditional Tekirdağ Cherry Festival” held every year and various competitions are organized. In Tekirdağ, Tekirdağ Cherry, which has been cultivated with old methods and became a trademark, is very popular with its taste.


Tekirdağ Watermelon

Watermelon is a very important agricultural product in terms of economics in World and Turkish agriculture. In Turkey, watermelon is mostly grown in Mediterranean, Aegean and Southeastern Anatolia regions. While most of the watermelons are produced in Adana, Tekirdağ is the foreground in the production of temporary watermelons. The largest share of this production belongs to Seymen Village of Tekirdag.
Watermelon, which is known as Ferhatan Karpuzu, which grows in the Ferhadanlı neighborhood of this village of Süleymanpaşa district, has become a brand.


Olive and Olive Oil

The Şarköy district of Tekirdağ has a considerable potential in terms of olive production. Şarköy; Since it has a transition climate between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, olive cultivation in the coastal areas is highly efficient. Also Şarköy is the only place where olive can be grown in Trakya Region due to its climate. Olives with their own aroma and taste grown in the region are individually collected with great care and then processed with natural methods and sent to many places of Turkey as table olives and olive oil.


Bağ Products

In Tekirdağ, various beverages are produced which are derived from their binding products by fermenting or fermenting the graft products. These beverages have a very important place for the Thrace region. These drinks, which have become a culture of Thrace, are exported to many countries in the world. The best beverage products in Trakya region are produced in Şarköy, Tekirdag. Some of these vineyards are identified with Tekirdağ and become Tekirdağ brand.


Buffalo Yogurdu

Manda Yogurdu is a kind of yogurt produced with milk obtained from the mandarin. The buffalo farming, which is very common in the old years, is only in the northeastern part of Trakya region in recent years. Buffalo farming is generally carried out in the Saray district of Tekirdağ, Thrace, and in Kırklareli. By using the milk obtained from the mandalas cultivated here, the buffalo yoğurdu and the buffalo kaymak are produced. Companies that produce mandarin yogurt are usually located in the Palace.


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